Crain's Wines


Château Noulet
Entre-Deux-Mers 2015


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Grape varieties

Sauvignon and Sauvignon gris


Age Average 50 years old
Density 5 000 plants per hectare
Geology Soil: clay and chalk
Sub-soil: limestone
Surface 12 hectares

intervalle (0,6 k)

Vineyard management "Guyot double" pruning
Grass between the rows
Mechanical harvest
Green work Thinning out of the leaves on the late vines
Vinification One night maceration with the skin
Temperature control
Maturing on the lees during 2 months
Ageing 3 months in stainless steel vats
Tasting notes Colour golden with green tints, fresh nose with lemon and grapefruit tones, supple texture, good balance between acidity and alcohol giving rise to fullness and roundness, long finish.
Ideal well chilled with fish, shell-fish, goat's cheese, or as an aperitif
Packaging 75 cl bottle Cardboard of 12 bottles
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